Electric Youth
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They Are Wearing: Lisbon, Portugal
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and i thought my room was sorta cool…

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July on Tumblr

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Actual footage of Washington going to be inaugurated


Actual footage of Washington going to be inaugurated

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Broad Stripes and Bright Stars | Houston | 2014


Broad Stripes and Bright Stars | Houston | 2014

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Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans (that sounds like a political statement). We may moan and complain about our country but it’s really up to the younger generations to be the change we need. Be a crusader. Fight for the right causes. Apathy isn’t going to change anything that’s wrong with the country today. If the colonists had been apathetic in the 18th century, we would still be an English colony. The next time you feel the need to complain about corruption in our country, take it a step further and ask yourself what you can do to help change it. We’re all in charge of our own destinies and we can’t sit around waiting for life to happen to us. We need to happen to life.

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Someone in anon asked 1-40; but i cant figure out how to post it with the anon thing, but still! Here are the answers to your questions! Please ask me more sometime! Im always happy to recieve mail!
1: What was the last song you sang?
I dont sing. Sorry.
2: Who are/is your best friend/s and why?
Hard to say…my oldest friends would probibly be Jacob N. And Andrew D. My best friends, however, are probiby Alexis D. Katherine S. And Michael Z. There are so many reasons that these people are my best friends, but I’ll save you a couple years and give you the main 3: 1. All of these people have fantastic personalities 2. Not one of them has ever talked trash about me behind my back; if they do have problems with me, they have always told me so face to face. Like people should. 3. All of these people put up with alot of my stupid shit. Im annoying. Sorry.

3: What was the scariest thing that happened to you last week?

Well today I met this father who is exessivley physically and phsycologically abusive to his daughter; who I hang out with, and when i said ‘nice to meet you’ and put out my hand the guy didnt say a word, didnt even shake my hand, stared at me for at least a good ten seconds then stormed off to his big black truck and drove away without saying another word.
4: How long does it take you to get ready in morn?
Depends on the style I’m trying to pull off that day.
5: What was the last argument you had and with whom?
Argument over how to approach someone and avoiding their abusive, meaty, tatooed, pickup driving father. And argument was with Michael.
6: What is your favorite beverage?
I dont got a favorite.
7: What made you start liking the person that you’re dating/have a crush on?
The way they are super layed back and really really nice. And the way they laugh. Its frikin adorable.
8: Talk about your best and worst birthdays.
Best: i played lazer tag, ate pizza, had 13 kids at my house for a sleep over, then well passef midnight me and this guy richard microwaved 3 boxes of hot wings and ate them all while watching 27 dresses. (It was 6th grade)

Worst: My parents kinda forgot to say happy bday, I had to go to a football game for marching band, I was yelled at afterwords for not hitting one of my spots, not to mention i was yelled at that morning for other marching mistakes, when i got on the bus to go back, no one sat with me, and idk about other kids in band, but not having someone to sit with hurts. Then after the game, I went to five guys to try to get a burger to cheer up and they were closed.
9: What brand of shampoo do you use?
Head and shoulders?
10: What is your favorite brand of shoes?
Hard to say…currently Steve Madden or Doc. Marten
11: What are your last outgoing and ingoing texts?
“Hey! My phone’s broken. This message is very hard to send. If you want to talk, DM on FB or IG.

12: Do you like your life right now?
Almost. I wish I had alotta stuff sorted out and I wish I had my friends in a socail possè rather than dispersed among alota cliques i dont like.
13: What’s something you would say to an ex right now?
Sorry you hate me. Your really missing out on a good time.
14: What’s a strange interest that you have?
I absoloutly love certain elements of style from certain armys or enforcments. Example: I love alot of color scheme elements associated with off duty soldiers in desert storm.
15: Have you ever considered becoming a doctor?
Nope. Its always seemed rather boring to me.
16: Do you like to clean?
Depends on what I’m cleaning
17: Do you still write letters to people?
I used to, but no one ever writes back, so I gave up.
18: What are your summer plans?
humming bird, then getting together a group of people for a vbol game before i leave for Portland.
19: What was the last thing that you did for someone? I rode a bike a buncha miles so we wouldnt be riding illigaly with three people, in a smart car.
20: Would you ever get a tattoo/do you have a tattoo?
I dont, but mabe just something little on my shoulder or back.
21: Do you like your fingernails long or short? Short.
22: Do you prefer pens or pencils? Mech. Pencils
23: What is your sexuality?
24: Did you like science class in high school?
25: What about math class?
Woulda liked it if it wornt for teacher.
26: What song are you listening to right now? Tether by Chvrches
27: Do you like to paint? Nope.
28: Have you ever been paintballing? Yeah
29: How often do you exercise? Idk…
30: Do you know anyone in the military?
Its hard not to living in Albuquerque.
31: Do you want a large wedding?
Why would I be thinking of weddings in high school?
32: Where would you like to spend your honeymoon?
Iceland, or Greece, specifically the island of Hydra.
33: Do you want to have children?
34: Would ever consider adopting children?
35: What was your favorite book that you’ve read this year?
Everfound or Battle royale because it was so stupid i couldnt stop laughing
36: How much money do you have in your pocket/wallet/purse right now?
Drivers permit and .46 starbucks.
37: Have you ever volunteered anywhere?
38: Did you ever collect any sort of cards?
39: New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles? Portland. All three of theose are clishe.
40: Describe your dream home.
A manor in Oregon forest, with a spiral library, lots of windows, organized grass lawns on all sides of the house. And right where the grass cuts off, the forest begins. Also lots of floral and vines on house.

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